Open banking through Yapily

With Yapily Connect as our partner, we now have access to 2.000 banks in Europe & UK.

We are happy to introduce our chosen partner, Yapily Connect, for safely and securely connecting to banks. Yapily is a pioneer in open banking, focusing on solving one of the most fundamental issues in financial services today: access to data.

Traditionally, card networks have held a monopoly on global money transfers, and banks have monopolized ownership and access to financial data. Yapily was founded to challenge these structures and create a more inclusive and open economy that benefits everyone. Their platform operates discreetly in the background, connecting us with thousands of banks worldwide. This allows us to access the necessary data and make payments through open banking.

By partnering with Yapily Connect, we can be confident that we are at the forefront of and benefiting from a groundbreaking approach to financial services. This partnership enables us to provide a revolutionary experience that safeguards your interests and creates a solid understanding of the transformative potential in this field.